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Summer 2013 Report – Cucumbers

As Jenny reported, the cucumbers were easy to deal with and produced TONS of cucumbers.  I planted four of these and they took over a four by four section of the raised bed and spread over the sides as well. No special care was required.  It may look like there are no cucumbers.  Then once…

More pickles!

Today I made two quart jars of pickled peppers and five quart jars of dill pickles (cucumbers).  Used about 1.5 pounds of peppers and 9 pounds of cucumbers.    

Cucumbers galore

Vinnie planted 4 cucumber plants in spring. We ended up with far more cucumbers than we could handle! I made pickles but we still had a lot more. Yesterday I decided to make more pickles. I picked the cucumbers and ended up with about 30 pounds worth! Some of them are white. I think that…