Summer 2013 Report – Cabbage

The cabbage was moderately successful.  We’ll try again next year and should be able to do better.  I planted three white cabbage and three red cabbage plants.

The red cabbage was growing well and then got a rather large aphid infestation.  I was able to fight the infestation but didn’t catch it until it had gotten pretty bad.  That and some snail damage led me to just throw those three out.

The white (light green actually) cabbage was more successful.  They got a bit of the aphids that the red cabbage got but I was able to get it under control.  We got three nice sized heads of cabbage.  It was delicious and great for making salads.

One odd thing was that the last head was growing well and getting pretty big.  Next thing I know it had ‘cracked’.  I first thought it must be damage from some animal the size of a rat.  Then I realized it didn’t look at all as something had been eating it.  I found online that cabbage does indeed ‘crack’ after a while.  Turns out it was fine after it had cracked.  That’s just a clear sign that it’s time to pick it.

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