Pest Control – Snails and Slugs

These slow-moving creatures seem harmless but when you see the large holes in your leaves, or slugs nestling in the base of your plants, you’ll want these guys out of there.  Note that for all pest control, we use only organic methods.

Beer!  Yes, this works well.  Simply get a large bowl, pour in the beer, and wait.  The best thing I’ve found is to go out at 11 or 12 pm and take a look.  You will probably need to manually drown some of them.  The nice thing about going out at night is that’s when they’re all out.  They’re so slow moving that it’s easy to remove them.  Interestingly, I had much more success with high quality beer as opposed to the cheapest thing I could find.  I thought the high quality stuff smelled much better.  I guess the snails agreed.  :)

Salt!  Simple table salt works well on slugs.  Same thing as above – wait until 11 or 12 at night and there they are.

For both of these I found that after 3-4 nights of doing this the number of slugs and snails was radically reduced.

I also bought some of the copper tape that is recommended.  This was a fairly

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